Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One Tree Hill

Top image by http://www.allannielsenphotography.com/
29 & 30 May 2010
Here we go again just where has the year gone, we again made the annual trek to the hill climb at Mt. Coot-tha for the the Cootha Classic

Friday the eldest darling Son & heir goes to help Bri pitch our spot in the paddock & after unloading they got the car scrutineered, which makes for a lot less hurried Saturday morning

Or does it!! We are up bright & early!! At 5.30am!! Which is a bit cruel for a Saturday morning, he drives me around .... The track!!
This instils confidence in me for a stress free weekend of fun & frivolity NOT !! Those chicanes are very close together & that hairpin!! Tight as!!

Saturday we were expecting a great days Hill climbing, but the weather had other plans, overnight a typical Queensland storm rolled in & dumped lots of rain on the track, making the conditions very wet
Which I might add continued for much of the day, briefly allowing the track to dry mid morning & again in the late arvo!!

After the drivers briefing, practice laps started from around 9am, the number of cars was slightly down on the previous year but they had a good spread of cars, perhaps due to the economic climate?

Rain did little to dampen our enthusiasm
Bri again looked like he was having a ball in the Mustang, getting plenty of smoke off the line for his sighting run
Wow baby! Remember, darling you can often pick up half a second over some of your competitors just off that start line, so don’t waste it in smoke!! Thankfully this one wasn’t timed
Did I mention the treacherous, hazardous, slippery conditions, with the drizzling rain & running with slicks!
Bri did you not bring to mind only a few minutes ago Jimmy Richards walked past us, looked at you, smiled & pointed to the tyres & said “great tyres” !!!
You say she’ll be right, you haven’t got time to put on the Wet weather tyres. Unfortunately, at this venue your trailer isn’t in your paddock area, trailers & tender vehicles were kept down the road, miles away with quagmire access, due to the rain
Just bring to mind darling your saying ”Whilst I can afford the car, I can’t afford to break the car...

Sunday dawned a tad clearer, the track had dried over night making it better for the competitors with slick tires to run

Oh God!!! Breathe, exhale, breath, exhale, I tell myself, as I’m running towards track side as the crash happened. Through the trees & leaves all I could see was a bits of yellow, in my minds eye it was Bri’s hood I was viewing between those trees. I have never moved so fast in all my life up that hill, over the little creek, through rocks, greenery & past a snake! I kid you not! Adrenaline pumping & all to get to my MAN. I breathe a sigh of relief as I see the red Torana on its roof, the proceedings come to a halt for 30mins whilst this poor guy’s car is turned back onto its wheels & is towed away

Three cars later & 1st run for the day, I hear him take off, engine revving, he slows for the 1st & 2nd chicane, powers off up to the hair pin, back firin all the way, then down towards the finish line where he caught up to a!!
Sunday Driver WTF!!!
He, Bri, was given the go slow signs by the officials just prior to the last chicane, BUT given NO yellow flag for a re run!!
Oh well them’s the breaks, Grrrrr
2nd run… SHIT!!
Bri makes a daring move & decides to miss a gear off the start line! & all with little Bro watching from Perth!! Wouldn’t that make you rip your ration book!!
Yahhh missed gear recovered, momentum not hurt in anyway, he is away racing up the hill once more.

He comes back with a big smile on his dial, adrenalin pumping “Shit that was good”

Ohhh I wish I could have a smoke now, so proud of you sweetheart, week one of givin them nasty cancer sticks away

Despite the rainy weather on Saturday all the competitors enjoyed 6 runs over the 2 days of competition

Bri won his class “Group A touring cars” coming away with not one, but two trophy engraved crystal glasses to show for it....

Cheers my darling, I drink to many more fun weekends like this