Sunday, May 3, 2009

Winch? what winch

Saturday arvo, Bri needs me to help with the winching on of the car, he has spent several hours cleaning & polishing, I had to Shield my eyes from the brilliant sunlight reflecting off this highly polished car as I walked down the slope towards it

Disaster has already hit, the silage water had been running down onto the grass & part of the lawn is a quagmire, hence the cars spinning wheels & the slicks getting no traction!!

Finally he has the car in position, I operate the winch as he turns the wheel & guides it up & onto the trailer, horrid grinding noises are coming from the winch.
I beacon Bri to look, he says carry on.
I may as well pop in here he hasn’t got his reading glasses on! as he gazes at the winch
The wire I notice is winding beyond from the drum & into the area beyond
I call Bri again & as he come near, ping the knob flies off the winch drum & through the air
The look on Bri’s face, classic, I can just imagine mine looked equally horrified
I suggest we reverse the winch & let the car back down
It starts to roll slowly as I push the winch button, then snap the wire breaks while under the extreme tension, the wire is now flaying around with such force & the car rolls back off the trailer FAST
The car is heading backwards towards the dam!
Bri runs, I run, he thrusts his arm through the open window, wrenches the wheel around & turns the wheels!
Disaster is foiled & we stop the runaway car
Moral of the story, never dethrone car without windows down

Winch well & truly FUCKED

By this stage I am not feeling to confident abt this motor racing one little bit
Bri starts the beast & I guide Bri up onto the trailer
All very traumatic, we are both in need of a very stiff drink!

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