Saturday, March 13, 2010

"The older I get, the faster I was"

Saturday 27 February

I must admit to feeling a tad nervous, but then I rethink

I have Number 2 Son in Kapooka, one day heading off to War!!
So why in the world do I need to worry abt Number 1 Son & Husband out on the Race Track!!

I soon find out it doesn’t work that way with me
I tell myself to breath, exhale, breath, exhale

Black as Pitch at 5am & we are rolling on down the road heading to the Triple "T" Day - Try, Train or Test at Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick & the Super sprints tomorrow
5.20am & light descends finally on my world & I relax as I can now keep an eye on the kangaroos & the wild life in abundance grazing on the road side
We meander up the Cunningham’s Gap at 40ks an hour! Soon speeding along at 60ks, ohhh we really do need to upgrade the tow car! The fuel gauge is moving quicker than the Speedo

Now into the main Range National Park
“Listen to that squeak”! he repeats all the way up the climb

“Beware of Rocks” says the sign
Piss Off!!!
he couldn’t care less abt rocks!!!
He can hear a squeak! which is driving him nuts!!
Relax, we can now move on, it’s definitely bell birds in the bush, ...ahhhh...bless his soul...

Head Mechanic, aka, Bri did a fabulous job with the diff, as the car ran like a dream all weekend, as preformed as she should
The day was well & fast with 3 untimed runs each

Bri says, the most nerve racking part of the whole weekend, was sitting in the passenger seat, with Jaime driving the Mustang for the first time. We are going home to see if there are any dents in the passenger fire wall, where Bri was breaking hard on the brake pedals, where there wasn’t one!
Jaime you did a brilliant job, we are so very proud of you, first time out in the car & the first time driving a left hand drive
Yahhh baby, thats my boy

The nemesis is found early on
Bri attempted a bit of turf removal, the big off down the back 4 corner, & he turns the Mustang round in a circle! there's all sorts of chaos going on, cars are going off into the grass left right & centre, as not too T bone him
OMG!!! HOLD ON.... for the rest of the weekend he’s not as quick around THAT corner

So Jaime thinks, I will not be out done by My Daddy

If Dad can spin his baby around then so can I, BUT even better

I’ll do it coming onto the home straight, after carving through the field, passing 3 cars on my way through, to be leading the pack at Number 8 corner & with the checkered flag in sight.

He does a 360 spin!! almost, if he had mounted the bank! colliding with a group of marshalls, now it’s his turn to relinquish the lead

Sunday 28 February

Bri ran with number 35
Jaime with Number 62

There’s was no time for fond reminiscing, with family & friends, the pace was fast, with 2 drivers in the one car, there really wasn’t a moment to stop
They had cars racing on the Track, cars in the staging lanes & cars waiting on the dummy grid, so they were able to get 5 timed runs each

I was able to relinquish some of my pit duty’s as Zoe took on the load, like a duck to w├íter, changing the boys transponders (lap timer) covering numbers, coffee maker & general dogs body

She even became team manager at times!! with tips on braking etc etc!
I, on the other hand found it quite daunting, when she tells Daddy to brake later at the end of the SHORT main straight!!
Hey love I think, they are already barreling down there at abt 190ks & deep breaking into the turn, trying to leave their feet off the brake for as long as they dare!!!
Don't encourage them to be fulhardy!

But I will give her that, it worked well, I admit

The slicks did their job & had great cornering grip

Bris 4th time out, he was on a mission & was trying to find his Groove ....
Oh decisions decisions, The Apex, The center of the apron, Staying close to the wall, or as Far away from the wall as possible, or On the ripple strip or Not??????

Fuel used 60 litres, with 15 runs

Brian Jaime
46.630 50.526
47.160 46.515
46.199 47.194
47.418 45.986
46.370 45.866

Great day, but pissed off my son was quicker than me!! LOL, he shares on the way home
But I will put it down to to youth, he says
The older I get, the faster I was

Give it away!!! & become team owner & sponser!!!! NO WAY!!! darling
You still are the winner in my world

All in all an excellent days racing with a very big effort put in, & great to be able to share it with members of the Family

What did you say?
Oils aint oil,
Ahh now she has a nasty oil leak in the brake master cylander & with the fluid being $112 per litre this will be fixed pronto as this is, liquid gold a dripping!


  1. Enjoyed reading your post and your blog Pam!!! Although Michael kept pestering me over my shoulder to "scroll down" then "scroll down" again!!! ha ha. Great photos too. Will keep an eye on you and what you all get up to xx

  2. Oh Pam, you tell a great story. is that you standing above the cars in the white short sleeved shirt and jeans? Has Jesse been shipped out? How heavy your heart must be. I'll pray to the universe for safety for all your loved ones.
    Lisa Dawn