Saturday, March 28, 2009

Up coming event

Home he comes, car magazine tucked under his arm. He reads out abt a charity event abt to happen 26th April at Queensland Raceway, Willowbank, run by David Besnard. Hot laps are on offer plus car show & shines, laps etc, Craig Lowndes, Steven Johnson, Alex Davison & Craig Baird all attending. All moneys raised going to help support the victims of the North Queensland Floods and Victorian Bushfires.
We peruse, “You’ll have to give this David a ring love”, says I & see if they want the car there. This apparently fell on deaf ears as 2 days later when I inquire, ahh no he hasn’t got around to it yet!!
Insert a wee pep talk here re networking, having the car out there being seen etc etc.
The phone is picked up & dialled, he puts his case forward, a favourable response received from the other end, & whom am I speaking too asks my man, no less than the Man himself David Besnard the V8 Supercar driver. I send him off a picture of the car & within minutes get a return email

Hi Brian,
Your car looks awesome and we would love to have you at our charity event.
I will be in contact with you in the next couple of weeks.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.
David Besnard

Excitement plus in our house hold

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