Friday, April 3, 2009

Hmmmmmmmm, Bri . . .shouldn't that make the car GO FASTER?

“We need to go to the airport” says the Petrol-in-the-veins enthusiast

Wow, a surprise romantic trip for two, I fleeting think, stupidly, it is after all only a few days to our Anniversary

“I need to go buy the Avgas & the nearest place is Coolangatta Airport”

Say what!!!! thinks I

“Don’t you listen to me when I talk to you”? he asks

“I have explained to you before that the Avgas Mark used to get me, is a high octane aviation fuel used to power many aircraft & racing cars & now since Mark isn’t there at the Airport I now need to source it from else where

He really is such a thoughtful man, he had read abt a craft show that was on down the coast at the same time, so thought he could drop me off first, but I declined

Off we go an hour & a half away, luckily for him, enroute stopping at the strawberry farm for the mandatory strawberry ice-cream

We have a 20mins wait whilst the guy fuels up a helicopter, then they carry the 5 20 litre containers to the truck to be taken away to be filled

Mounting fuel prices $2.30 a litre in NSW was only $1.70 in Qld

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