Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Coot-tha Classic Hill Climb

Friday 30-31 May- I.5 km

What a great weekend this turned out to be. Race cars, motorcycles, rally cars & speedway vehicles all present at the Cootha Classic. Some competed, some provided demonstrations & some were static displays, great to be part of something that was last held in 19I8

7am! Coffee darling? where is darling?
Don’t have to go far to find him, he’s in the shed
Car up on hoist boys are busy taking the sway bar off, only to be put straight back on, as the smaller one would not fit! Shit!
Lesson to be learnt from this!
When tweeking, please do at least 2 days prior to an event instead of hrs before we have take off or ideally at a test & tune day

Me thinks & says out loud! Should you really be tinkering with that anti-roll bar. Ahh haven’t you got the feel of the car already with the longer one on? Doesn’t shorter bar mean, a lot of extra body roll Bri?
Do you really want a loose tail" type of effect with the rear end being more prone to slide around corners tomorrow! with that hairpin looming in the very near future
NO sway bar adjustments today please Number I son & he spent half the day there & found a great spot just off the exit road, unloaded all the gear, erected the cover, had the Mustang scruteneered, walked the track & wrapped the baby soundly & left her there in the hands of the security guys & gals

Racing action begins at 8.3O am tomorrow

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  1. lol
    ah Pam, your blog makes me laugh. I didn't realize that you had SO MUCH racing in your life. Does your husband read your blog much?