Sunday, June 7, 2009

The climb-Up & Down the Mountain

I wake on Sunday & rushed to peek out of the window, the day was cloudless halleluiah was the catch cry!

Today’s adrenaline rush comes from day 3 up Mt Coot-tha
A bit of a bonus as we arrive, since we are soooo very early again 6.3Oam Bri was allowed to drive us into the Pit area via around the track.
I’mmm I was thinking, I wish he hadn’t done that, I am really much better being oblivious to a lot of this business!
Looked very daunting all these concrete barriers, & chicanes
& “shouldn’t there be lots more towers of tyres there at that corner Bri? “ How in the hell they get around this skinny road doing the speeds they do & not hit anything! Is beyond me

The first run of the day sees a car come back on the back of a truck, with its bonnet all smashed in!
I’mmm this reassures me a lot, not!!
Reality check too for man with avgas in his veins & he says “I might rethink my strategies & back this baby off abit” “I don’t really want to come back that way” Praise the Lord, thinks I

Jaime, Zoe & Josh arrive in time for his second run, & because there was another hold up on the track, they were able to make the trek up the hill to the start, with time to spare
Bri & I then walked up to meet them & enjoyed the racing, narrowly beating death I might add, by a red fly away bonnet, which thankfully flew city side, I kid you not!

The hunt was on & I found Jim Richards & got my photo & shirt signed, Bri then did the same & had a chat with him, as Jimmy remembered the Pinepac Mustang from early race meeting in NZ

Two runs today, the first 72.20 then 68.10
Shame I can’t get a 3rd in he says, still a bit slow on the uphill take off. Shame I can’t put a V8 in the Mustang
“why” I stupidly ask
“It takes horsepower to accelerate weight & to push a hole in the air” says he
"You're joking, surely!"
Then I remember he can’t, due to the fact it’s a historic race car & it has to be original.

Winning is overrated, the only time it is really important is in surgery & war. ~Al McGuire

Oh ball’s! Mr Al McGuire, only you would say that
The first prize Trophy in the Group A Touring car category stands happily next to the other in our shed

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  1. I love it when I read someone's blog and i can say-I've been there!' different car-same place-different pace too! Sounds like you're having fun with this car!!