Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday up the Mountain

I slowly scan the gray horizon, carefully sizing up the clouds & within minutes we are off to what promises to be an action packed Mt Coot-tha Hill Climb

To arrive with the camp all set up was an added bonus I must say
Before long I was relaxing awaiting the drivers briefing, whilst braving attacking funnel web spiders! & looming rain clouds, but we all know I am a woman of Faith & I knew the main man wouldn’t allow the torrential rain of the night before! & yes I was right

Speed Racer arrives back from the sighting run with smoke bellowing forth from under the hood. The cause! dripping brake fluid from the brake reservoir onto the exhaust. Daddy is not a happy man , loosing $I2O a litre liquid! no don’t reread, you did read right $I2O.OO.

Trusty son in law Stevie aka now newly elected head pit crew man, comes again to the rescue.

Quick tip - Reservoir wrapped in strips of rag works well.

I’m watching open mouthed, sadly, no amount of you’re joking, surely! they might burst into flames" was even acknowledged!

I’m not getting any better at this nerve-racking racing business, I waited with baited breath until he returned safely, it was a 15min walk uphill to watch the start. Luckily I was able to see part of the downhill track from our camp. First timed run was 72.27

The aging autograph hunter aka Me, did what she does best & hunted down John English, who had raced our car in 1986 at Surfers International raceway, due to the fact Wayne Anderson had the shits!!
No not really he had came down with food poisoning after a meal out prior to the race on the Sunday.

John said he was passing everything on the track UNTIL the car began overheating, he was told to press on & did so, until he decided the temp was too high & he would blow the engine if he didn’t pit.

This was a real thrill for us, he happily came over & signed the Mustangs bonnet for us, see photo above


  1. who are the two guys in the top photo? How often do you go racing?

  2. Lisadawn, Bri my husband right side & john English left a racing car driver who drove our car in surfers raceway in 1986 in a Tourin car race

  3. Absolutley fantastic Pammy, Well done Brian...What a great way to get an adrenaline rush..the best