Monday, February 9, 2009

Ease on down the road

“We need a trial, a practice run”

Too bloody right, thinks I, you needn’t think I will be getting in there & driving off cold turkey!!!

“To see if all is right with towing”

This takes a good few hours of doing what!
Beats me.

Finally slowly Pinepac II is inching towards the ramps, he’s head down arse up, checking, rechecking, I feel I should be singing a rendition of old Mac Donald’s farm, “with a look, look, here & a look, look, there, here a look, there a look, everywhere a look, look!
Now run up to the front of the trailer, lowering the jockey wheel, hooking on winch & up she goes, now the tying down begins, a bit of a push to the front, a bit move to the rear, run down to the wood pile, grab wood, measure, run to the saw, wedge that wood in there, no need for a 14k run tonight sweetheart, you have already run a marathon today

& finally easing on down the road
Thankfully all is well with the world

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