Sunday, February 8, 2009

Throw out bearing

" Did you hear THAT? "

"What?" says I

"That squealing, grinding sort of noise!
SHIT! what’s that noise when I push in the clutch"

What!! You are asking me? I think

"I better get that fixed, don’t want to be on a track somewhere & it goes, down the gurgler would go $150 for the motel & $100 track time to be let down by something that I knew in my mind was faulty"

Ahhh excuse me would that be such a wasted time!!! Motel room! meals out! visiting places new!!

That’s my boy, always thinking, light bulb goes on in his brain

"I bet it’s the throw out bearing"
this man of mine should really have been a mechanic

Hallelujah! the hoist has now come into its own, see it was a good investment after all says he.

He removes the bearing & takes it to the bearing shop & bought the appropriate bearing. Home he trots & installs the said part. Enters mate chriso he’s come around to help refit the gearbox as an hour has gone passed & the #$%^&* THING won’t go back, another 3 hrs later & they discover the internal diameter of the bearing was wrong. Bri takes the bearing back to the shop, “wrong bearing you have given me here mate!” They then discover it has been machined out! 3 shops later Bri’s finally told "they don’t make a bearing like that" he will have to get it machined. Lots of stress later, as at this time he is at week 5 of giving up smoking!! Another 4 days of ringing around trying to find a machine shop that could do the job, no luck. Chriso comes to the rescue once again & knows a guy that could do it, fingers crossed the ceramic cutting tip doesn’t shatter as that would be an extra $200.
All was done without any mishap & the insides of the bearing were machined out 3 mm, wait for the best part, it for free
Oh & Bri got a spare done at the same time, good thinking Watson

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