Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm sooo over this

“We are troubled
by every side,
not yet distress,
we are perplexed,
but not in despair”
2 Corinthians 4:8

Well stretching the truth here a little bit, but certainly a bit troubled. Despair did indeed set in when we were thousands of miles from home & the first of the pushrods shit itself! in Bathurst. The only positive thing was it didn’t happen whilst cruising around the track during the Parade laps yesterday at Eastern Creek Raceway, this would truly have been mortifying. We drove over the Blue Mountains on the Monday, taking the baby back home & driving her around the Bathurst track just like she had done in 1978. She had lead the cars out as the Pace Car then, what an amazing feeling to be at this hallowed place after seeing it on TV for so many years. On route to Tamworth she throws another rod!! Yeah right, here why don’t you!! way back yonder in scary barren country. Something out of a Hillbilly American thriller, tumble weeds, crows flying overhead, we had just passed Dead man gully, for God’s sake!! Pulled up on the side of the road at dusk awaiting a car load of rapists & murderers to pull up at any moment & ravish us both. But in record time my Hero aka Bri threw this baby in within 35 mins & off we cruise to our hotel for the night.
Number three goes an hour from home!! We limp down the highway, as 10mins away is our darling daughter Jody’s home, ring & tell of our pending arrival. Stevie has the shed door open ready for us to drive down into. Within breakneck speed the new pushrod is in place, an art perfected with so much practice & taking about break! broken, you say, yes well smashed as he mounts the culvert to go down Jody’s drive way, the spoiler! Just rip that sucker off, we are shattered, the rot has set in. This car really must go, he is over it!! The dream is about to become real!

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