Saturday, February 7, 2009

Parade lap!

The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the thousands of people from all over Australia & New Zealand that turned up in droves to watch the historic races at Eastern Creek, & soon the day cleared. All the legendary greats of the racing world were there, happily signing autographs & happily for a chat, the occasional kiss even! Allan Moffat, Harry Firth, John Goss, Kevin Bartlett, Fred Gibson, John French, Barry Seton, Leo Geoghegan, & Bob Morris just to name a few autographs I got. I missed out on Dick Johnson BUT had been shoulder to shoulder with him the night before in the bar of our hotel. I stood in line for an hour with the Cobra’s glove box door under my arm, waiting to have it signed by Alan Moffat, something Bri had always wanted was achieved.
The high lite was Bri driving our Cobra, leading out the anniversary cars onto the track behind the safety car, where we did 4 laps at a good speed, too nerve racking for me!!!

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